Lyn DeWitt, Founder / Owner

Lyn-DeWittLike many others, Lyn found herself closing windows, chasing kids and dogs out of the yard, and wearing a mask whenever she mowed the lawn. She began using a push mower when she discovered that gas-powered mower engines actually put more pollutants per hour into the air than car engines! Unfortunately, the push mower, though clean, quiet, and good for building upper body strength, was not terribly effective on her grass.

In 2006, Lyn and husband Eddie (bass player in The Side Effect) purchased wind energy for their home (initially through Pepco Energy Services, now through Clean Choice Energy) and a cordless battery-powered mower that they could charge with kilowatts purchased from a clean energy source (rather than coal-derived electricity).

Lyn loved her battery-powered mower and decided, in 2009, to buy a few more and take them on the road! With help from a small company in Virginia, she worked out a way to charge up her mower batteries though a photovoltaic panel installed to the top of her truck. The result: Solar Mowing!

Lyn and her family lean green in other ways — a solar hot water panel sits on their roof along with 15 photovoltaic panels (the latter provides about 30% of the home’s electric needs and Clean Choice Energy provides the balance), recycled plastic serves as lawn furniture and a countertop, reclaimed lumber lies on the floor of their family room, and their cat is a rescue! Lyn also maintains a largely native, totally organic yard and garden.

Alan Mairson, Operations Manager

BesithAlan and Lyn have been friends since the mid-1980s when they worked together at the National Geographic Society. A talented editor, a maker of podcasts, a mentor to many, and a community organizer, Alan plans to upgrade SolMow’s scheduling systems and help run this ever-growing sustainable yard and garden care company. He can be reached at mairson@solarmowing.com.