“We loved your work this year, never having to call, reliable and dependable – the grass never growing too long, and clean work. You made it easy for us and we appreciate it!” — G. Knopman, Bethesda, MD

“You have done a very good job. I appreciate it so much. I recommend you to all my friends.” — Dee Lertora, Kensington, MD

“We called on short notice and your crew kept our yard looking ship-shape while we were away for a month. When we returned it looked neater and cleaner than when I do it myself. My neighbors are jealous. Great service!” — Chris Wright, Chevy Chase, MD

“Thank you for your good service this summer. I love the quiet sound of your mowers.” — C.S., Silver Spring, MD

“I love the service you’ve provided this year. The lawn seems much happier without the previous big, heavy mowers.” — Diane Weisz, Bethesda, MD

“We appreciate the beautiful and environmentally sound service!” — Maureen Ward, Bethesda, MD

“It was such a pleasure having your company do our lawn this year. I so loved not smelling the fumes. I wish everyone would use you. Thanks so much.” — Sue Weiss, Bethesda, MD

“Lawns look great — even that scruffy lawn in the backyard!” — Peggy Eskow, Bethesda, MD

“Thank you very much for mowing my lawn this season. You have done a great job and I have been really happy with your care of my lawn. I look forward to having you mow my lawn again next year.” — A.N., Bethesda, MD

“Thanks so much, Lyn — was a joy working with you this summer, and everyone did a great job!” — Torre Taylor, Kensington, MD

I love Solar Mowing! They’re careful around my flower beds and vegetable garden, but what I most appreciate is their clean and quiet equipment.” — Elisa Rapaport, Bethesda, MD

“Thanks for skipping my yard this week. That’s the thing that I like second best about your company. It ends up making your service no more expensive than the companies that bring three huge noisy machines on the property whether it needs it or not. Of course, the best thing about your company is that your mowers don’t pollute!” — Donna Smith, Silver Spring, MD

“You’ve been doing very good work. The lawn looks nice.” — Jacob Davenport, Bethesda, MD

“I picked Solar Mowing because I know the owner and trusted her to do a good job — she didn’t let me down! She and her team have done a great job including managing our steep front hill and getting into all our nocks and crannies. Couldn’t be more satisfied, and Solar Mowing reduced our carbon footprint, too!” — Mary Ann Chandler, Kensington, MD